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Christine Wiethop, the Baker

I enjoy cooking and baking for others, adventures with my husband, and spending time with family and close friends. 


I served as a full-time teacher for nineteen years before taking the leap of faith to becoming a full-time business owner. As a high school math teacher at a faith-based school, my favorite part of most school days was spending time with my household (homeroom/advisory). Every week, we prayed, ate, and discussed relevant issues. The girls in my household were happy to be my taste testers for new recipes, too. 


I started baking as a child. My family hosted parties regularly, and making the desserts became my sweet spot.  My mom would hand me a dessert recipe she had in mind and say, "It'd be nice if you could make this..."  I quickly realized I was up for the challenge. 


Over the years, I've tested and tweaked many recipes, and I have a handful that I make regularly for my family and friends. Baking connects me to those around me and enables me to give of myself. I pray while baking, which gives me peace. I pray for the people who will eat my treats, as well as for those in my life who are facing challenges. So when you ask me to make French macarons, cookies, cupcakes, or a special cake, feel free to ask me to pray for you in a special way. 


I take delight in watching people smile while enjoying my creations - I love baking happiness!

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